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From Script to Screen: Story Concepts

IDEA 1: Allegro

A stuntman known as ‘Jon Bruise’ is the world best stuntman, renowned for his incredible skills, speed and power. He also happens to be an amazing musician as well, he has performed a major stunt in every film he has been in with a instrument.

He has performed with the Electric Guitar, Bongos, Flute, Maracas, Fiddle and an entire drum set, all made up by him! He is getting older however and the film he is in now will be his last as he is retiring, so because its his last film he needs to have a amazing send off.

Unfortunately however he is given an instrument this time that could be very challenging, a piano. Its not something he can carry nor throw, in this film he is also in he is confronted by his producer and is told it if cannot do this stunt they will hire a double to do it, that double being Jon’s evil twin.

Jon must now pull everything together he has ever learned in his life and career in order to fulfill this epic performance and give everyone a reason to remember him.
This idea would be very story driven by it main characters and story, I would like to do this but having voice actors seem not only out of my skill range at the moment but having the time to make a film of this length would be what hold me back from doing this idea.
Basically this is supposed to be the cheesiest thing you will ever see.
IDEA 2: Perfect Symphony
This is an animation about a film set, a piano and one bored stuntman who show that even though these two professions are completely different they both share the same principles. One is a physical challenge whilst the other is a mental one.
The stuntman is good at his job (Being a stuntman), and he is a good pianist it turns out. He starts off by flipping over the piano and then trying to play it, it doesn't go well. He then starts applying the thing he does in his stunts to playing the piano, accuracy, speed and memory. When he practices all of them, he the combines them all to play the piano, whilst at the same time he does stunts around a film set, this being from a different time of course. 
This animation is meant to show that these two art are both so beautiful even though they are completely different.
This animation would be a lot simpler to make and wouldn't be as long, I am leaning more over towards this idea just because of the simplicity of it. I would not be 'chicken out' of doing this because its simpler to make but I like the fact that you can tell what is going on with no dialog. In a nutshell, the stuntman tries to play a piano, there is a learning curve and then he perfects it in a weird way.
This animation could be the other way round but preferably I would want it the original way because then making a Pianist Stuntman could kill off the main character.
IDEA 3: Taking Notes
A stuntman is working out some details and practicing his stunts, when a little boy plays a Piano. The stuntman then starts doing his stunts but whenever the little boy messes up on the Piano the stuntman messes up as well. The stuntman has an hour to learn all of this, get frustrated and sits down from stress.
Now there are two endings to this.
First ending, the little boy comes over and reassures the Stuntman, they then perform perfectly.
Second ending, the little boy leaves and a beautiful young woman walk in and plays the Piano perfectly, making the stuntman's performance perfect as well. The film ends at the end of the stunt.
I would like to make the designs of these characters very distinct so you can easily tell them apart, once they are made then this animation should have real 'Pop'. Personally I am leaning towards the first ending so you have more time to bond with the little boy rather than just have this girl appear from nowhere.
Also I would personally like to make a spoof animation including the classic 'Someone gets crushed by a piano' joke, maybe some sort of blooper.