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From Script to Screen: Final Script 15/01/2016

'Taking Notes' Story

A= Stuntman
B= Film Producer
C= Little Boy

ACTION: Two men are standing in front of an Obstacle Course set up for the stuntman to revise for his performance. They all speak in muffled tones (Like the Sims.) so you can't hear what they are saying, however either a 2D animation will play some sort of speech bubble with a visual representation of what there is to do.
ACTION: The two characters will just keep talking, after some time they will then look at a clock which will animated to show the stuntman has only an hour to practice before his performance.
ACTION: [B] Then makes a sound almost as if to say "Can you do it?", [A] will respond by nodding his head and making a noise as if to say yes. [B] will then pat [A] on the shoulder then proceed to leave the studio. After an amount of time the stuntman will stretch and begin to warm up, having him appear around the set doing workouts and general stunts.
ACTION: [A] Will make a sound as if to so ready, he will also nod his head and put his fist into his palm in a, I'm ready fashion.
ACTION: Two feet will walk onto the platform.
ACTION: The camera will slowly move until a little boy and a Piano are in view, the stuntman is till visible in the background working out how the course will work.
ACTION: The stuntman will wander and jump around the course almost as if he is practicing.
ACTION: As the stuntman walks around he suddenly realizes a Piano starts playing, he turns to see who is playing the piano.
ACTION: The little boy is playing the Piano very well.
ACTION: The stuntman then smiles and walks out of shot.
ACTION: The camera then gets a close up of the piano keys, the little boy then plays a key wrong not sounding correct.
ACTION: As the bad note is played the stuntman is not looking where he is going and hits his head shortly after that note is played. He also exclaims his pain in a noise. He then again walks out of shot.
ACTION: The stuntman's feet appear on the platform again.
ACTION: The stuntman get into a 'ready' pose.
ACTION: The camera focuses on the little boy as he prepares to play the Piano, raising both hands in the air.
ACTION: The stuntman then runs towards the end of the platform out of shot.
ACTION: The little boys hands move to play the Keys.
ACTION: As the music plays the stuntman's foot leaps across as gap which is off shot.
ACTION: The man performs a portion of the course as best as he can, this goes on for a good few seconds.
ACTION: There is then a close-up of the little boy playing the piano, when he messes up the camera zooms out quickly ever so slightly, the little boy also brings his hands back as if he has been scared.
ACTION: As that bad note is played the stuntman loses his footing and beings to fall over.
ACTION: As the stuntman trips there is then a close up shot of the stuntman slamming the side of his head on the platform, then falling down.
ACTION: The stuntman is now lying face down on the crash mat groaning in pain.
ACTION: The stuntman then raises his head with an annoyed expression.
ACTION: The stuntman then gets up and walks back to the start brushing off any dust on him.
ACTION: The camera will then have a close up shot of the stuntman as he walks off, but we can see the little boy in the background with his hands over his mouth in astonishment.
ACTION: The little boy, then ready himself again, cracking his fingers with his tongue out.
ACTION: The stuntman once again ready's himself on the starting platform again.
ACTION: Little boy gets ready to play again.
ACTION: The stuntman then runs to the edge of the starting platform.
ACTION: The little boy then begins to play the Piano.
There is then a montage of where the little boy is playing the song, but he keeps messing up notes, and every time he messes with the stuntman also messes up. The messed up notes are pretty consistent but towards the end the song becomes a mess of lots of odd sounding notes. This goes on for a good little while.
ACTION: As the song ends the stuntman screams and gets annoyed throwing a small tantrum.
ACTION: The shot is behind the little boy but we can clearly see the stuntman getting annoyed, the stuntman kicks the Obstacle Course only to hurt his foot and stumble around.
ACTION: The little boy sighs in a sign of sympathy.
ACTION: As the stuntman calms down, he quickly sits down and puts his hand on his head in a stressed manor.
ACTION: As the stuntman hears an "Eh Hem" sound from the little boy, he opens his eyes and puts his hand down.
ACTION: The little boy pulls out a lolly out from behind him to cheer the stuntman up.
ACTION: The stuntman looks and smiles, knowing the little kid is trying to be nice, he then looks up towards the clock which we cannot see in shot yet.
ACTION: The stuntman looks at the clock which shows he has only 5 minutes left to practice.
ACTION: The stuntman smiles and lets out a little chuckle.
ACTION: The stuntman looks at the small boy, nods and fist bumps with the kid.
ACTION: The camera is placed so you can see both the stuntman and the little boy getting into their positions.
ACTION: The stuntman climbs onto the starting platform again.
ACTION: The little boy sits down and get ready, he also wiggles his fingers in the air as if he is about to play.
ACTION: The stuntman sprints to the end of the starting platform.
ACTION: The small boy slams his hands down to play the piano.
ACTION: The stuntman begins to do the Obstacle Course, whilst at the same time the little boy is playing the piano perfectly. The camera also switches between the little boys fingers and the stuntman twice with:
ACTION: The stuntman then lands on the final platform, he looks back and see's he's done it and smiles.
ACTION: The little boy jumps down from the piano chair and claps.
ACTION: The stuntman looks down to the little boy and waves at him, in the middle of him waving he looks up to the clock only to see it change to 02:00.
ACTION: The camera then pans behind the little boy as the stuntman high fives him as he walks by.
ACTION: The film ends with the stuntman walking towards the two double doors.


  1. Hi Tom - I don't get it :( Where is this action happening and why is there a little boy with a piano - and an obstacle course?

  2. That post will be up soon, weirdly enough I had wrote that before the script but it has up and vanished? I will notify you once its up :)


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