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From Script to Screen: The Details 16/01/2016

Short Film 'Taking Notes' 

My Three Assets:
  • Stuntman
  • Film Set
  • Piano


There is stuntman inside of a film set, he needs to practice before he performs. He has about an hour to do so, in order to train for this an obstacle course has been set up with parts he could find around the set, he also uses objects around the studio to 'Warm Up' before attempting this obstacle course. In the studio there is a Piano, a little boy has walked in (Somehow?) and just been watching this stuntman practice before attempting his real stunt.

As the man warms up the little boy plays the Piano, as the man warms up and the little boy plays it becomes apparent that every time the little boy plays a wrong note on the Piano the stuntman messes up, making this the main focus of the film, this Piano song that slowly becomes a mash of random keys to show the Stuntman getting annoyed.

The film ends with the man only realizing he only has five minutes left and sits down in despair, the little boy then comes over and tries to be nice to him making the stuntman have one last go at the obstacle course. At the same time the little boy plays a tune perfectly and the Stuntman gets past the obstacle course perfectly. The stuntman then realizes that the clock has just hit 14:00 and he needs to get moving. He leaves the set and the film ends.

Nutshell Plot

A stuntman needs to get ready to perform, he builds a course using stuff he can find around the film set. In the film set there is a piano, a little boy has been watching the stuntman practice and warm up. The plot twist in this film is that every time the little boy plays a note wrong on the piano the stuntman messes up, injuring or hurting himself in a comedic manor. The film ends with the two performing in perfect harmony.

Main Asset Inspirations

Film Set

The film set does have some inspirations behind it, but it is not the main focus of this story, it does have some significance but nothing too important.

Here are a couple images as to what I would want my film set to look like.

Film Set 1

Film Set 2

Film Set 3

Film Set 4
A film set is surprisingly tricky to do just because it varies on the film, so I figured I should do something to show what an 'Actual' Film Set is, a stage that has been set up for actors to perform. They are simple, expansive rooms but compact due to objects that have been stored in them.


The piano is one of the main drivers of this little story, so it needs to stand out. I would have wanted to have had some sort of big prop, which when this 'Little Boy' interacts with it, it can bring some comedy to the animation (E.g. Him having to jump onto the chair.)

Here are a couple images of what I would want this Piano to be like.

Piano 1
Piano 2
A piano is an instrument that is usually known as being very regal, high class or posh, however due to the timeframe we live in a piano is a 'Classic' instrument, everyone knows what it is and it would be very easy to spot or make out in a very packed room. So it would need to look correct, but not to correct as the immersion would be taken out of the animation if this was done to a realistic standard. Having a dusty film set and this huge clean piano comes out of nowhere wouldn't make sense.

The stuntman is the main character in this story, he needs to look rugged, solid but very lightweight. A stuntman's job is in the name, do stunts. These can range from feats of impressive physical activity to showing an actor what will be comprised of a scene and how he links into that 'set' scene.
Here are some images of where I will grab some inspiration from.
Fist Wrappings

Indiana Jones

Drake: Uncharted Series

So for the design of the stuntman I want to go for something that makes him look lightweight yet very powerful at the same time. Having the fist bands is a personal design choice as its known that some materials when wrapped around a hand can provide better grip, it also makes him look like he knows his line of work and knows that accidents can happen.
Before any red sirens go off, no this stuntman is not Indiana Jones or a Cowboy, I have been asked to do a stuntman. The reason I would like to have Indiana as an inspiration is because of how he his and the way he is dressed. You can see a lot of his skin with his clothes on, usually having some sort of short sleeved top on or maybe even a tank top on just so he isn't bare chested. He also looks very stern and playful, having that playfulness about a character would be very good for this choice of my character, just because of what a stuntman is, he can perform feats of agility and can make it look easy, little bit like a monkey.
General Art Direction
Here are some images so you can get a good idea of the art direction I am going in.


Low Poly Character
Now this project does comprise of making the 'Pre-Vis' of our stories, not making a final animation or product, so I will need to show my general art direction in the
Pre-Vis I will be making. The character will not be to complex but the lighting in my scenes will be what makes these scenes really pop out. I won't be doing it exactly like these images (For example my characters will have eyes.) but it will be something roughly along these guidelines.
There will be more of these posts to come as there are other assets to be conceptualized for my story like the 'Little Boy' or the 'Obstacle Course' but by then hopefully there should be drawn examples for you to feast your eyes on.