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'What If Metropolis?': UV's and Textures

Building 1 UV's

Building 1 Texture

Building 1
Building 2 UV's
Building 2 Texture
Building 2
Building 3 UV's
Building 3 Texture
Building 3
Building 4 UV's
Building 4 Texture
Building 4
Building 5 UV's
Building 5 Texture
Building 5
Building 6 UV's
Building 6 Texture
Building 6
Building 7 UV's
Building 7 Texture
Building 7
Floor UV's
Floor Texture
These are all of my Model's, UV's and textures for my buildings and the floor I used in my  'What If Metropolis?' 3D environment.
Untextured Models

Final Render

Matte Painting/Backdrop
Final Product


  1. The final product looks amazing. New. Desktop. Wallpaper.


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