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Maya: City Experimentation 04/12/2015

Bump Map Texture Test
Trying to get a texture that could have 'Pop' and still be recognised perfectly as an object is key in my city. I made a texture as well as the bump map so they were identical, the by altering setting I got some really good results. The texture really messes with your eyes but you can still tell its a cube, this process should be used in my final city.
Bridge Perspective Warp Test
When I was doing some of the props I realised that the skybox/sphere I had made reflected my bridge, after some considerable tweaking I got this cool wavy effect to the model, I'm not sure how I will go about doing this but if possible I know some materials I will use can also reflect a little bit like the sky, so maybe I could form some other shape via reflections.

Ball Texture Test
 The texture test went really well! This little sphere ended up looking rocky in the end which is something I will use 100% for some of the pieces in my scene, I would like the text to have a little less 'Noise' and be a bit softer but other than that can't wait to use this!
Materials Test
When I messed around with materials this particular material looked really good on built up building, I then tried making a building that could fit to itself like a jigsaw, get it a clean up with bevels and insert edge loops and then  final thing came out super clean, it looks really cool and with another texture on top of that this should look really good.

Lights Test

The lights I tried on my skyscraper looked reasonable, from a visual standpoint they look really nice! however they make the skyscraper look very Sci-Fi. This is not the goal I am looking for so I will invest some time into looking into how this problem can be fixed. 
Floor Texture Properties Test
I tried messing around with ambient colour and diffuse setting and the result came out okay, the texture is okay but was originally orange so something might be wrong here... It might have just been the way I saved it but I highly doubt it.
Color Material Test
This will be there general theme I will be going for in my environment, it also sticks to Moscoso by have two colour that are completely opposite that clash harshly I will make this a little more soft and easier to read visually.