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Gustodian Presentation: 'What If Metropolis?' 11/12/2015

"Hi, I'm Thomas Mayfield and this is my project 'What If Metropolis' presentation. I have had seven weeks to complete this project and the final result came out very nice and you will see that later."
"So my artist was a guy called Victor Moscoso, he is an artist who does a lot of psychedelic art for comics and music posters. You can see just by looking at these images that they can be a bit of a strain on the eyes, but you can see the Victor gives his work this really nice simplistic flow to his images. They just look correct, but then if you can look closer into his work all of the shapes have been made in a way so that they have second meaning to them, for example the easiest one to spot is the 'Peacock Ball' on the tail feathers of the peacock. The colors he also picks is also very distinct, the blue and orange on the Egyptian themed posted has a very violent clash with each other, but that is merely reinforced by the purple in-between, giving the eyes a very large amount of strain."

"So let's get into the process of how I came to create my final product, so I did try to take a lot of inspiration from Victors work, having this very ridged, yet natural flow to his work at the same time. I looked into some other forms of psychedelic art and tried to grab inspiration from that, I quickly noticed that most texts have a very similar layout, almost having this bubbly quality to them, they seem to just meet correctly. Then here was the hardest part, because psychedelic art has this very harsh style to it, it is extremely difficult to extract physical buildings from these shapes, I experimented in Maya, Photoshop, Paper, After Effect to try and get this natural flow to my images. Eventually I did come up with one concept that stood out and that was this image here (Points to the bottom right concept building.) This building had this very mysterious flow to it, it may have looked a little Sci-Fi which is what I was not going for, but I could alter its design to make it less Sci-Fi. Then there was the layout, I wanted to give a feeling of slight confusion yet flow to my image so I came up with the idea of having these massive amounts of layers which could give depth and life to the buildings even though they look very odd, some sort of alleyway which I would be able to mass with perspective a little would have work just fine, so that's what I did."

Final Concept Art
"So this was my final scene concept, you can see that I did go for the alleyway approach but it was a lot more spacious than I had originally anticipated, as you can see from the little man (Points to the little man), I wanted to have this are a little smaller but also give the sky more life so this scene doesn't just look like a single alleyway in the middle of nowhere."

"So when it came to actually creating my scene it was a lot more difficult that I had originally planned, due to the amount of time it took me to get a solid idea down I really tried to get as much of my concept in Maya as possible. So as you can see here (Points to example 1) I got stuck in with messing around with textures and perspective. The bridge was a nice result of me trying to warp perspective quite naturally and harshly, then I tried to make the buildings have this very nice, soft flow to them, yet retain that they are still a structure and not a piece of jelly. The last image is my favorite, just because of the feel it gives off. This very harsh, rocky texture which would have been nice pavement texture and given this nice, harsh feeling to it. Then came the final render, the render process was a lot harder than expected, the file crashed multiple time and the textures vanish completely a number of times, but after three hours of rendering and an hour of clean up, my final render came out super clean, the texture would not show as strongly as I would have liked but this look really good anyway."
Scene Ambient Occlusion
 (Show this image for a couple seconds)
Final Render
"So this is my final image, it came out real nice in the end and works surprisingly well with my original concept art. The lights give a very warped illusion to the street and the second layer of building gives much more depth to the scene, I would have liked my textures to have had a little more pop to them but other than that this came out real nice and I am super happy with it."