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Project 2: Thumbnails 81-102 12/11/2015

Thumbnail 81
Thumbnail 82

Thumbnail 83

Thumbnail 84

Thumbnail 85

Thumbnail 86
These thumbnails were abstracts, meant to give an idea of scope and scale, also trying the give a sense of vibration to thumbnails 81 & 84 really worked well.
Thumbnail 87
 Thumbnail 88
This thumbnail was an idea of colour picking, seeing what colour went well with each other or fitted the style of victors work. You can see which thumbnail colour mixes I prefer over one another.

Thumbnails 89-99
Thumbnails 89-99 were trying to get building shapes down, I used Victors images to generate some building structures, then mixed them with different colours. Personally I really like 4, 5, 6, 7 and 9.

Thumbnail 100-101
Thumbnail 102



  1. okay - do this for me: take one of Moscoso's posters - make it black and white - then take it into Maya, and use the poster as a 'floor plan' from which to extrude architectural elements: for example -

    Make the circle into a dome or tower - and then extrude lots of outward radiating walls where the stripes are - make the green stripes into walls; similarly extrude shapes from the negative space between the letters on the poster - use the negative space as a footprint from which to extrude some forms. If you look at Moscoso's work you'll see that he makes use of repeat shapes and patterns, not lots and lots of difference.


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