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Project 2 'What if Metropolis?' Influence Maps 2/11/2015

Influence Map 1
This is my first influence map, this influence map is focused slightly more on the Armilla side of my city design whilst showing some of my inspirations from Victor Moscoso. So Victor's work, I though looked like something if you were high so I figured I should have have some influence from some of the shapes of pipes and general colours you may see when you are high. The peacock actually as a little backstory it, one of the posters Victor has created was a peacock and to me a peacocks colours really sold the colour theme I could be going for, its not been decided yet but I am strongly leaning towards the peacock over the flamingo. They both have very exquisite colour for an animal and would certify stand out in an environment. Also the city is meant to be semi futuristic of just modern, so having everything very clean, finished and professional will play a big part making sure the city is readable and understandable, also having these massive highways the go everywhere, above and below the city will really show in how these roads are modeled.

Influence Map 2
This is the second influence map, hopefully you can see what I meant by the peacock earlier. This map is mainly the Victor Moscoso inspired side of my idea as well as some general inspirations. Victors colors are very bright and can be read instantly, having this strong sense of an art style where an image looks really detailed but it is just very well made really inspires me to try something different with my city. The glass floor and rainbow road are an idea based on victors work, I will use direct color from his work and try to put that on a rainbow texture if I get the chance, having this almost magical feeling to my city will really show what this city represents.