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Project 2: Design Influences 09/11/2015

Building Structures, Designs and Explanations

 The buildings in my city need to have a sense of realism to them but last the same time be able to relate to the design I am going for. Creating a "Tripping City" is a difficult challenge because when you trip everything tends to be moving, however most skyscrapers are usually standing still, and when they are moving they are usually falling down. Using textures to add depth to my building will be crucial because of what the city is meant to represent, having a drugs trip. Most of my building will be following a certain theme, 'Every building from the front will be very intimidating, having this massive black line down the centre almost as if it was looking down on you. As you move to the side of each building however it smooths out and become less hostile/intimidating.' The buildings models themselves will be basic shapes but will still be recognizable as buildings.

The Skybox/Matte Painting Concept

My matte painting will be a mix of modeling and Photoshop painting, having massive rainbow highways above you head that slightly shift depending on what is going on will be a good way to give the city life and get its general theme across. Having a hippy styled rainbow road in the sky would give a feeling of wonder, awe and slight confusion depending on how many roads I do. I don't want the roads to look futuristic or modern but very alive and busy. Also the fact the roads are translucent and made out of rainbows, make the roads almost dreamlike, therefore backing up the theme  I am going for.

Roads, Pavements and details on Buildings
The roads, pavements and building details are going to be tricky to do but I do have an idea for it. For the modeling I want to stay with reasonable low poly count up until final renders where I will bevel most of the city, So having this moving texture in the walls and details could bring a nice little life to my city. The details will most likely be moving, repeating patterns shown in this example ( 1:00 - 1:10) I looks really weird but gives so much detail at the same time, the way the images overlap each other make it both scary and intriguing.
The Peacock
The peacock is somewhat of an odd design choice, usually a peacock is associated with royalty and style. I was originally going to have a statue of a peacock made out of crystal but then I came up with a better idea, after looking at some peacock feather I noticed that some feathers are quite vibrant and beautiful. So I have had the idea of having a statue of not a peacock but a peacock tail inspired statue.
This will be the basic shape for the statue almost like some sort of pipe and have the layout of how a peacock lays out its feathers. They are also sometimes found on the costumes of some dancers to give a sense of thrilling and excitement. I will probably end up making this statue glow to give the statue (Hero Prop) some attention.

Mood Board Inspirations, the Pros and Cons

Image 1:
In image 1 I like the general atmosphere, forget that it is a very run down area but the angle is very nice, giving you a sense of size with that highway. I would personally put the highway up higher and make it skinnier so you can see more of the scene.

Image 2:
The Graffiti on the wall should give you a good idea of the detail I want on the walls, having designs where everything looks full of color and context would bring life into the city. I would not do the graffiti in the style of (Gangster Type Design) but more of a hippie bus design, where everything is smooth and not so jagged. Also while mentioning the walls I want to litter everywhere with posters and paper, to give the idea of something may be going on.

Image 3:
The level of busyness and detail in this image makes this area look like a city, not just some pile of junk. Also this shot is slightly like a shanty town, I don't want my city to look like a shanty town but I don't want it to look modern either.

Image 4:
The lights in the city look very pretty from a distance and serves a purpose up close. It also makes the sky a little brighter and not just a canvas covered up by sky roads. It needs to give not just the sky contrast but make it seeable but not the main focus of the picture.

Image 5:
The colors used here are quite nice, they are not too bold and would do nicely as small detailed material colors. I do not want to over use these kinds of colors however because they do look a little childish and this is meant to be a retro city, not a child's playground.

Image 6:
The rainbow is nice because it could give me more inspirations for the rainbow roads. They will be in the sky and therefore will follow some of the shapes of some rainbows, for example there are on 90 degree angles, everything will need to be curved but not too curve to make it look advanced.

Image 7:
This illusion can either make you eyes water or make you very confused, that is the feeling I want to get with the highways in the sky, the sheer amount of them should confuse you and make you try and work out which road goes where.

Image 8:
Image 8 is a slightly dark version of the color pallet I will use, also notice how smooth the image is, its almost as if you could imagine it flowing around like some sort of background, like aurora lights.  Giving small detail a sense of flowing and movement like this would be a nice touch to my environment.

Moscoso Image Study