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Maya Tutorial: Street Final Piece 06/11/2015

Scene Buildup Gif

Final Scene (Photoshopped)
Organized Hypershade
If there is on thing I can definitely take away from this exercise, it is that I can now use that Hypershade! Took some getting used to but now I understand it a whole lot better.

Modeled Street

UV's Laid Out

Lighting Materials Prepared

Ambient Occlusion

Final Scene Render

Final Scene Render (Photoshopped)
This is my final scene for the task I have been set. This was really fun and I might use these textures as a little practice for some modeling and rendering techniques. Overall the final piece came out really nice, the bump maps and lighting really pulled this scene together to give it a sense of realism and life. I am super happy with this and plan to do more scenes based off of this.