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Gustodian Lamp Posts 12/11/2015

These are my lamp designs for my city, Victor did work for lots of music bands so I figured I should have some props related to music in the scene. Personally I really like this design as it does not look Modern nor Sci-Fi but this kind of Jolly, easily recognizable streetlamp. Really happy with how this came out.


  1. Hi Tom,

    Got your email. I must say I'm a bit confused by your confusion, because I'm looking at your workflow and you seem to be 'not doing' a simple set of exercises that would instantly give you more results. You need to think about extracting shapes and forms from recurrent motifs in psychedelia: for example, everything has a 'wave' quality - colours and shapes radiating out in repeats, so things have a flow and a sense of 'rippling'; at the moment, you're seeking to achieve this by 'wallpapering' psychedelic colours and patterns onto otherwise boring structures. It's the structures you need to deal with and the sense that everything is 'vibrating' and moving:

    You might want to look at the work of Bridget Riley for inspiration as how solid structures might create a sense of vibration and dynamism in a vaguely trippy sense:

    I think you need to stop drawing lampposts (!?) and actually *look* at what is happening to forms and shapes in your artist's work - the use of repetition of shapes, the sense of 'radiation' and 'waves' and the sense of a complex visual experience being built out of simple techniques.

    Your first job: identify a rule book of pattern, shape and colour according to Moscoso: what are his recurrent shapes - extract them as forms - what are his recurrent colour schemes - create palettes - what is the visual effect of his posters? Identify it. Describe it. Then, when you've done that, start to put the pieces together.

    It might help you to think in more 3D terms: take a look at Sam J's post, in which he used art deco patterns from which to extrude forms in Maya as a means to derive structures from a vocabulary of shapes derived from his artist. Top tip - stop trying to 'draw' this city, Tom - build it, collage it, shape it. Try alternate approaches and tools:


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