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Gustodian, City of Dreams. 'What if Metropolis?' Travelog 02/11/2015

Gustodian (Gust-Oh-Dee-Ann)

Gustodian, the city of dreams, it gets the name from the architecture that was built many years ago, then rebuild in or own, artistic, modern image. Getting to Gustodian is a long trip, mainly accessible by car by you can walk, however it would be rude to step in a farmers tilled fields. As you approach the city you can see massive highways made out of what appears to be dull rainbows, depending on the angle you can see different colors for example when you are far away from the city you get a glisten of red on your windscreen, but as you get closer it slowly fade to the color blue. As you look around you when driving up to the city everywhere is untilled fields, almost as if they were abandoned, its like a giant has raked a huge chuck of the earth with an extremely dense rake. You do see the occasional tree here and there but other than dust and stone there is not really much outside the city.

When you come up to the city you are approached by these gates. They could be easily climbable only if you knew where to grab. You see Gustodian has a very unique way of letting people into the city, you can try and climb over the gate but it is a puzzle, the fence is so detailed with pipes, wire, iron, wood, stone and more gems that can be counted. It’s like a puzzle because if you hold onto one of the wires you will get a nasty electric shock, almost killing you. The gate looks like a piece of some music paper but with only the lines, you could probably play a song in your head if you stared at it for long enough.  To the right of the gate is a small little hut where a man sits and asks for “Proof of Passage”. If you give him the ‘Proof’ then he will let you through, If you ask for ‘Passage’ then he will merely ask the same question again until you have ‘Proof’ of Passage’. The gates open making little to no noise apart from a very nice high pitch humming sound, it is quite pleasant.

As you drive up the ramps on the rainbow highway you are hit with this spectacular view. One person described it like the ending of ‘Space Oddesy’ but less scary. You are just hit with so many colors at once and you actually struggle to keep you eyes on the road because of how beautiful everything is. You can see towers and skyscrapers that have the characteristic of clouds but the solidness of huge monoliths, you look at the huge shapes for long enough and you can make images out of them, like in clouds. There are sections of the highway that sometimes thin out more than others, if you look down on the normal road you can see slightly through the floor but in certain sections you can see clearly through them, almost like polished glass, its scary but beautiful.

Once you leave the highway you are bared farewell by the highway with another flash of bright colors as if it is saying goodbye and this is what you should remember me by. As you enter the underground tunnels there are pipes everywhere, like mazes that go on for miles, never ending and extremely advanced. Not a single leak anywhere and there are repair kits everywhere in case anything happens. When you go to park you can see where you are meant to go by lights that guide you on the floor. The rooms are almost texture less but you can make out some colors like purple and blue.

When you come out of the chasms by an elevator you will be greeted but an almost iconic view. It is seen in postcards from “that” place and you can see the fabled ‘Wealthy Peacock’ that is told in legends. There is a podium that appears to be in a fountain that has dried up long ago, surrounded by odd shaped spouts. You can see this massive peacock in the middle that is made up entirely of gemstones, purple and green light flicker off this incredible statue but you can see this peacock almost how it is made due to its transparency. Its made up of very simple shapes, especially the feathers which are long skinny columns. The only detail on the statue to the face which you can see has much more detail than the rest of the statue. As you look around you can see all the buildings are made up of odd shapes and have a single window that is a long black line. The way the buildings are facing it is almost as if the city is looking at this statue, its odd to compare these buildings to living things but you get a sense of royalty from this area and you really know where you stand in this community without having even a word said to you.