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Victor Moscoso 28/10/2015

Victor Moscoso
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Who is this guy in a nutshell?

Victor Moscoso is an Galician American (Oleiros, Galicia, Spain) artist who was born in 1936 and does psychedelic prints. He went to Cooper Union and then the University of Yale. He was inspired by Josef Albers, a teacher at his university and went on to work on comics, rock posters and album covers for musicians. He is still currently doing work, making shirts and other poster but because of his work he has been awarded two Clio Awards, which are awarded for creative excellence in advertising, design and communication.

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Opinions of his work for reference.

Victors work is interesting to say the least, he has this exquisite art style which mashes random colors together and really makes his work "Pop" out at you. Not just for the colours he has used but the way he uses them, it almost as if he is some sort of a mix between Indian Art and Andy Warhol's prints. The way he lays out his work is fascinating, for example image 4 has these blue and red spirals which look like they have gotten the man's glasses and cut out massive holes in them, repeating the pattern giving a hypnotic effect as if you were on drugs, high or in some sort of trance, its eye catching.
Image 4
Design choices I can make based on Victors work.

  • Bright/Bold stand out colours.
  • Repetitive patterns in sections.
  • Recognisable shapes that compliment colour.
  • 80's Groovy themed design (Hippies & Drug Effects)
These will reinforce the look/style I am going for with my city.