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Maya Tutorials: Animation, Dynamics, Keyframe, Motion Paths and MEL 23/10/2015

MEL Wireframe Animation

MEL Texture Animation

Using MEL for animation was a very technical process, its a little bit like coding but very simplified. I still need to study some of the logic/terminology behind it but I think it is something that I can learn with relative ease and apply to future animations.

Motion Path Animation

Motion Paths were surprisingly easy to use and I can easily see how these would be used in animations, car scenes, skybox animations (planes in the sky) and general rough animation guides would be very easy and quick to do.

 Dynamics is by far the quickest and easiest way to create a realistic animation by using mathematics and physics in coding. There is quite a lot of math and physics behind it but with enough practice this should be second nature. I have done a little of this before but I have lots to learn, the options for this kind of animation are enormous and I can see why learning this may take longer than all the rest.

Keyframe Car Animation

Keyframe animation is something I have done before but there were a few little things that could have been done a lot better, for example I have been taught to usually press the 'S' key to save a motion tween or a single keyframe. Now you have to select the individual axis and apply the key set there. I know how to animate but this will be a big change from what I am used to.

College Dragon Animation

This was an animation I did in college using the 'S' key to animate, I can now see in a pipeline production perspective how this may have reduced time, not only with rendering but with animation methods too. Having this new methods could lead to some interesting combination but we will have to wait and see.