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Invisible Cities Mission Statement and Influence Maps. 06/10/2015

Invisible Cities Mission Statement.

Chosen city for this project will be Armilla, the reason for this is that the description just really give me a sense of scale and jaw-dropping environments. When I was reading it I love the idea that it was a "Forest of Pipes", "Deserted", "Water pipes that rise vertically", with these words I wanted to be able to create tower that would defy the law of physic's, be impossibly tall and rise past the clouds, like something you would see out of a plane window. I loved the idea of having a tall city covered in tall towers like pipes that watch over the city as if it was alive and dead at the same time. I know all of 'Italo Calvinos' stories are based off Venice so I will attempt to try and be influence by not only my own ideas, concepts and Influence maps but the city Venice as well.

Exterior Influence Map
Exterior Painting Explanation
For the exterior I want to be able to catch the scope and scale of everything, having a city where you can almost see everything will be a challenge. I will need to put great detail into the environment as well as the skybox to give it a feeling of life. I like the idea of having a sandstorm coming towards the city, as the story says there have been catastrophes and the city has had survive through all of it, so I think that I will probably add some battle damage to the towers to give a sense of endurance.
Interior Influence Map
Interior Painting Explanation

For the interior I wanted to do either one of the underground waterways that leads into one of the towers. I would like to show the genius behind not only how one of these massive structures where built but the technology used to repel catastrophes, maybe almost giving the inside an epic/magic feeling but not too much so that it becomes to apparent, just enough to know that it is there. I also want to show the sheer amount of detail that goes into making one of the towers, having all of the workings being shown to you all at once gives the feeling of it being advanced/intricate you can see how long it must have taken to built.

Low Shot Exterior Explanation

For the Low Exterior Shot I want to get another sense of bizarreness and life, having people walking down a street where you can see the scale of one of these towers. Having stalls, markets, people, animals will just add to the life of this image. It can also tell you what kind of city this is, having people doing certain actions like stealing for a stall or guards standing by a gate could say the city is very rough. I want my city to give a sense of endurance, prosperity and trust, Having people act in kinder ways in order to get a job done will be really key in this painting. The people know if they do not work together the city will fall with everyone in it.

Tower of Babel

I will be getting some of my inspiration from the 'Tower of Babel'. Humanity has built these tall towers and is suffering for it, constant sandstorms and earthquakes make growing these towers nearly impossible, almost as if there is some kind of force stopping them from going any higher. In the 'Tower of Babel' story humanity tried to make a tower to heaven, which is the words literal meaning, 'Babel' (Gate of God). But god was not pleased with what they were trying to accomplish, he made the builders have different languages so they could not understand each other and the tower was never finished. Its the same situation with my towers, something is stopping them from going any higher.