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Invisible Cities Colour & Texture Influence Map

Colour & Texture Influence Map
When coming up with what colours I should use I really want to go for a dawn or dusk look to my city. After feedback from my tutor I have come up with a couple good ideas that I might settle on. The first is the main towers I plan to paint, they are impossibly tall but have a function, because all of Clavino's stories are based on Venice and I wanted to have some water related attributes to my city as well. The towers function like huge explosive sprinklers, the tower will have a compartment where it stores water, it will then fire the water into the air like a sprinkler, creating plantation around the city.

It was also interesting to note that the city was always in a state of disrepair, so some part of the tower will be covered in a scaffolding/netting structure to show signs of constant damage and repair. Having someone live in the towers is also another interesting concept, my tutor mentioned about monkeys living in trees, which could be precisely how people live and get around. If you look at the image of the pipe house you might be able to get an idea of what I am talking about. Having small pipes that stick ever so slightly out of the main tower could not only show how the people live but where the caretakers of the tower live and what they do to maintain the tower.

The last topic I want to cover is the city minus the towers. I talk about the towers quite a bit so it time to focus a little of the actual city itself. The city is based around the towers but it has no walls, no defenses, no boundaries, making the city open for anyone to enter. I want the drop off for the city horizon to be like a forest, you can just enter but as you get further in it becomes more dense, you might get lost, however you always have those towers to guide you and be your beacon. The city is set in a rocky desert which is under the constant attacks of earthquakes so some of the terrain will definitely show some wear and tear and who knows, maybe a knock down building or two for good measure.