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End Of Project 1: Mistakes, Knowledge and Experience 23/10/2015

Project 1 Summary/Evaluation

In 'Project 1' I have made many mistakes and have learnt a lot, so I figure I bullet point on what I need to do better on and what I am already decent at for the next project, but first some information on my 'Crit'. From what I can understand I made a building not a city, I can see how that can be said and I could not agree more. I have gotten some sort of tunnel vision on the towers and I completely didn't realize the rest of the city in my images. I have no clue why this happened but it did and all I can say is this, don't do it again and manage your project better.

Here was my schedule for Project 1:

Week 1- Get to grips with my project brief, learn the university campus, the content needed with this project and start my 100 thumbnails.

Week 2- Bring up my Maya and Photoshop skills in order to make some great work, continue my 100 thumbnail development and keep up to date on film reviews and tutorials.

Week 3- Continue my 100 thumbnails development and keep all of my work like film reviews up to scratch.
(Up to date).

Week 4- Finish my 100 thumbnails, begin conceptualizing my final shots in my paintings and keep doing film reviews.

Week 5- Create my 'Art Of', create my 'Crit Presentation' and create my 3 final paintings for 'Invisible Cities'.

Mistake & Improvement 1
Already I can see where I went wrong, taking 4 Weeks! to do all 100 thumbnails. They were meant to be only doodles and it shouldn't be that difficult to do 100 thumbnails in four weeks so I need to speed that up immensely (In other words do it all in 1 week, 2 weeks maximum!).

Mistake &Improvement 2
Then there was leaving my final pieces till the last moment, the major problem with that was I was not able to put as much time and care into my works and really make it shine, leave more time for final pieces (Also my personal learning for this would also very important as I could make better work when I get to university).

Mistake &Improvement 3
My time management was reasonable but I think I could have done better, I should have compensated for mishaps and delays but that was a minor mistake. This will be taken into account for 'Project 2' and hopefully I will do much better.

To sum 'Project 1' up in a nutshell was seriously getting out of my comfort zone, you have to produce this insane amount of work in a short amount of time (Yes I class 5 weeks as a small amount of time, it goes fast, very fast.) and then make even more work based off of that. Sleepless nights will become a thing, fatigue will become a thing and most importantly growing will become a thing. Being able to learn quickly, on the job and efficiently will be crucial for the next project. I will also need to work on my life schedule better, those sleepless night will affect my work ethic and slow down in the long run, I will push hard but know when to stop.

Things to work on!
  • Time management
  • General Skill
  • Rate/Speed of work production
  • Personal resting plan

"My eyes have been opened and I am ready for another go!"