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3rd Year: Major Project, Audio Clip 3

  • Talk about the clip
  • Roles in the clip
  • Animation focus point
This audio clip is from the film 'The Italian Job' (1969), now there is an event that happens, but the who time there is an interaction between two characters, the one speaking being in the position of power. There is also a level of surprise in the audio, showing that the overreaction is fair and justified. The second big factor is the fact that our main speaker who is in a position of power, is talking at someone, showing that he is able to command and instruct.
So key points for animation:
  • There is a level of superiority
  • There is a level of surprise in the audio
  • There is a level of anger in the audio
  • The main speaker is talk at someone or multiple people
The big focus in this animation will be what to do with the blank spaces, showing escalation before we reach the word go! So a sense of comedic timing will be key as well as exaggerating the emotions conveyed through our main speaker.