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3rd Year: Major Project, Audio Clip 2

The audio clip is from the film '12 Angry Men' (1957), and features one of the men talking about advertising. Now what interesting about this audio clip is the use of his voice in the audio. The pauses in his voice show a level of intelligence, which will need to be translated through the face. There is only one person in this scene, so there are no high or low status's, but rather a character who thinks he is in a high status, so having somewhat of an ego in the animation will be key.

So key points for this animation:
  • There needs to be a large focus on the face to show my understanding of using the face in animation.
  • There is a level of intelligence in the audio.
  • There is a slight ego in the audio
Overall this animation is meant to show my understanding of facial animation, because despite the fact he might not project sound at times, emotion and information can be conveyed through a face without any audio being used.