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3rd Year: Minor Project, Post Crit Self-Review

So after my Crit I've revived feedback for what I now need to do for my project. So far what I've done is this.

I have done a lot of research into the birds I need to focus on, the original birds were a Red Capped Manakin Bird (Both Male and Female), Palm Cockatoo, Bird of Paradise, African Crowned Crane and a Frigate Bird.

I have re-worked the way I post so I have more consistency in the amount I post, so I don't just vanish for a month, the decide to upload everything on here at once. So having a steady stream of content to come out is quite key.

I've really upped my drawing game, as to be expected and can be seen, I have always really struggled with drawing and designing. But I've really done some homework and now I find drawing a lot easier.

What I haven't really done is focus in my core artstyle, so the main criticism is that my characters look very quirky and fun! But they lean more towards a Jim Henson Style.

This is problematic because, whilst these designs may be good, in the technical long run this may create a number of issues that could really slow down my work flow. Things like fur and feathers could prove to very difficult to work with and I would also have to find an effective way to model these characters which could take a large amount of time, so right now the main thing for me is really nailing the Charlie Harper art style.

So overall there is still a ton of work to be done, however I've still come a long way and I'm now feeling more motivated than ever in order to create my final vision!