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Maya Tutorial: Motion Blur 26/04/2017

Small Motion Blur

No Motion Blur 
No Deformation

Full Deformation

No Motion Blur

Slight Motion Blur

3D Motion Blur

Shutter Angle 144

Shutter Angle 72

Shutter Angle '500'
The Octopus renders are rendering the motion blur in multiple Axis's, giving the effect of a 3D space, whereas the hand would only calculate the motion blur in one Axis. The 3D motion blurs renders will produce a much more deformed product depending on the blur strength, but the render has the potential to be much more realistic depending on the situation because it would be taking into account the real location blur of the object, not just a single axis. The tradeoff here would be it would take much longer to render, and whilst the final product could be potentially nicer, the render time would be increased immensely.

The hand however only uses a single axis to calculate the motion blur, this is something that, whilst still increasing your render time, would still be ideal for some more cartoony animations. It probably would look as good as the 3D render but could still be given some effect to give the illusion of the film being of much more professional quality depending on the post-production.