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Adaptation Part B: Animation, Events in Chronological Order & Design Details 28/02/2017

Knights 1100-1700

When Knights were around there was always a sense of honor and respect, whenever you saw a duel between two knights very rarely was there ever any cheating, it was a test of strength and skill. Technology in this era obviously existed but was nowhere near as advanced as we have today, the intention of the technology has carried over to our times but has become much more industrialized.

The knights are meant to be the pinnacle honor and combat so keeping to smaller details will be quite important.

Setting Theme:
  • Honour
  • Respect
The Gunboat War 1807-1814

Gunboats are not like huge battlecruisers but rather pirate ships, the jump that intended for this section is showing how when we work together we become more efficient, and having some sort of crew on a ship is a very good way of showing this.

This conflict was set in the Napoleonic wars back in the 1800's, now whilst this jump may be large from 1100 to 1800 there is a reason for it, it meant to show how long it really took for these ideals to set themselves in stone and really show how we began to change and progress.

Setting Theme:
  • Technological Advancement
  • Scale
WWI 1914- 1918

WWI has a lot of names, The Great War, War to end all Wars and Hell on earth, now whilst this time is horrible and should never be repeated it did show true courage, people who would be willing to charge headfirst into danger. Whilst this can also be depicted is insanity courage is something that does stand out in this particular time period.

Now whilst some details of this conflict can be associated with greed and manipulation there is and underlying theme here, and when elaborated upon there is a very real sense of nostalgia, a memory of the British people.

Setting Themes:
  • Chaos
  • Courage
Aden Emergency 1963-1967

Now the Aden Emergency is a conflict that is now widely well known, but the contents of the conflict are very interesting. In 1963 there was an uprising in British controlled space in South Arabia. In the end due to guerilla style hit and run attacks the British eventually did have to retreat. However, an event that is not very well known was an incident in a place called Gibraltar. Right before the Aden Emergency, (Or Leading Up to it) in Spain, there was a suspicion that an uprising would take place.

My grandfather was actually stationed there in order to prepare people for the potential oncoming attack. Now this section would show how we have gained valuable skills, and are willing to share them, no for our benefit but for others, showing care and compassion for different people.

Setting Theme:
  • Skill
  • Refinement
  • Care
Gulf War/Iraq War 1991-2009

Now the Gulf War is much more current, and with the second Gulf war taking place right after it (Also known as the Iraq War) talking about this particular conflicts may be slightly controversial. One of the main reasons for the conflict taking place was the acquisition of useful resources like land and oil. Now whilst this conflict is one of the most refined a well executed to a modern standard it is still not a good cause.

The fact that the main intention of this attack was for resources and not for causes we had previously been in, this shows how corruption has always unfortunately been a part of history, but that does not mean our old traditions and ways have faded out.
Setting Theme:
  • Greed
  • Corruption

First Chronological Storyboard Layout

This is the first rough timeline I've come up with for the animation, there are a couple things that should be addressed.

Issue 1: Not including WWII
So starting off with probably the most noticeable out of these is the fact I'm not going to include WWII. Now there is a reason I have chosen not to include it, and it's mainly for two reasons. First being from a production standpoint having WWI and WWII right next to each other might be slightly difficult to show how the two are different from one another but still having designs in a roughly similar environment I don't think would be interesting enough for the viewer.

The second being some of the contents of WWII, the main one being how the Germans were supposed 'Evil', which is not true. The idea of this animation is to show how far the British have come and what they have accomplished, I would not want to smear anyone else, or another country just because of the origins of the conflict.

Issue 2: Massive/Odd Timeline Jumps
The time jumps without a doubt are probably the biggest issue, having this odd sequence where first time jumps forward 700 years, then 100, then 50 and then 50 again? I wanted to keep each event fresh and recognizable, so having each conflict be very distinct from its previous, whilst still being able to see earlier influences would be the main goal for this time jumps.

I have done quite a lot of research into British conflicts and these particular events seem to convey the messages I want to convey, however, if something does pop up from somewhere which makes the jumps much less jarring then I will try and rework my timeline.

Issue 3: Modern Day Conflicts Controversy
Talking about the effect of the gulf war and some of it details could be slightly controversial, not all the 'actual' facts are known about the conflict but there are details which seem to be known by a large majority of people, through people talking about it, to internet cultural sources, some details may not be as true as they are stated.

Obviously, the effects of this event are very real and are something this shouldn't be joked about so the choice of language here will be very important and very key in the elaboration of the themes in this section.

If any of the information dosn't seem very clear or is incorrect please state the issue and I will make to to correct it and refine what I have already done.


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