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Maya Tutorials: Character Modelling 24/01/2016

Build-Up 1 

Build-Up 2

Build-Up 3

Build-Up 4

Build-Up 5

Build-Up 6

Build-Up 7

Build-Up 8

Build-Up 9

Build-Up 10

Build-Up 11

Build-Up 12

Final Model Face

Final Model Front

Final Model Rear

Final Model Boots

Final Model Gloves

Okay, now to summarize this bad boy. 

This is by far the longest I have spent on a single Maya Tutorial, period. The final character which has been created has also been organized and cleaned ready for rigging, skinning, and UV'ing. The main reason that this took so long was because of the learning curve.

I have a thing with most tutorials where I don't really follow the tutorial but look at it in steps and try to figure out how it has been done, only using the tutorial when necessary. Whilst some steps like the Boots and Legs were pretty straight forward the torso and hands took a good 4 attempts to get right.

So this is obviously late but I can say that I have learned a lot more about Maya upon completing this task, the main things being general modeling techniques, Pro's and Con's of Orthographic, and a lot of Maya tricks and tools specifically the edge remove tool and slide edge tool.

In future projects, I feel like I could undertake most modeling tasks now on with relative ease.