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Adaptation Part A: Script and Infographic Details 31/01/2017

What is The Best Time of Day to Masturbate?

Main Messages:
  • It’s okay to Masturbate.
  • What is Masturbation?
  • What are the rules with Masturbation?
  • Teach Masturbation Terminology.
Target Audience


Run Time

2:00/3:20 Minutes

Topic Elaboration

Talking about a topic as delicate as this is quite awkward for a lot of people, especially younger audiences. There are other forms of media which can teach these topics, but creating an experience from an awkward topic that people will benefit from is key in the production of this infographic.

The idea of this video is to inform and teach, not influence and stereotype, obviously, stereotypes will be used as a form of explanation in the film but not will rely too heavily on them.

Script Points, In Order

1. What is the best time of day to masturbate introductory sequence?
2. What is masturbation, section for boy and girl?
3. Rules with masturbation, and general health.
4. Where time doesn’t apply to where you masturbate.
5. A full summary of the information presented.

Point Elaborations

Point 1: What is the best time of day to masturbate introductory sequence?The beginning of the animation will start with just narration, having an awkward tone added to the vocals in order to emphasize the difficulty of talking about the topic, but will quickly break the ice by becoming very open.

Having the Typography in this first sequence being perfect will be pretty important, just for getting the initial theme of the animation across. We will also be introduced to our two main iconography figures in this sequence, the male, and female.

Assets needed for sequence
  • Main Title (1)
  • Fonts Animation
  • Male Icon Figure (Main)
  • Female Icon Figure (Main)
  • Background Image (1)
  • Speech Emotion Animation
Message for this section

This section is the “Ice Breaker” so having the tension broken very quickly will be the main theme.

Point 2: What is Masturbation?

This part more or less covers the whole animation, telling the audience what were all working with, (Penis, Vagina, Anus and Breasts) and the acts associated with them. It’s worth mentioning about the reason people masturbate and how you may discover it. Also, the introduction of slang terminology will be introducing here so people know what they are doing, literally.

Assets needed for this sequence
  • Male Icon Figure (Main)
  • Female Icon Figure
  • Background Image (2)
  • Informative Ring Positions
  • Mayonnaise Bottle
  • Hot Dog
  • Counter
  • Dildo (1-3)
  • Cucumber
  • Tree
Message for this section

This part of the animation tries to give the audience what is involved with masturbation, and the different kinds also explains some object which can be associated with it.

Point 3: Rules of Masturbation, and Health

In this section, we begin to get onto the actual topic of the animation, but first, it needs to be spoken about is general health. This part will say why it can be healthy to masturbate, but too much could be very unhealthy (Regulate your usage).

Using an incident back in February 16, 2016, where a man literally masturbated himself to death, by jerking off 56 times. Say the normal is about once or twice, but never go to that extreme.

Once the health rule has been established the humor of the animation will begin, begin to elaborate on the general rule of when might be the best time to masturbate, e.g. night and day. This is a good time to use the parent walking in on you joke, as a good way of closing out this section.

Assets for this sequence:

  • Male Icon Figure (Main)
  • Female Icon Figure (Main)
  • Male Icon Figure (Exploding)
  • Room Backdrop
  • Female Icon Figure (Mother)
  • Music Notes (Emotion)
  • Illness (Emotion)

Message for this section

It's okay to masturbate, just try to regulate yourself and stay healthy whilst doing it. Don’t be excessive and don’t be over the top. Also the idea that doing it too much can give you horrible side effects like depression and dependence on feel good chemical will be touched upon.

Point 4: Where time doesn’t apply to where you masturbate

Another area would be not doing it in public, so using a café as an example would be very key. The lights would be turned out; a bunch of people would be sat down in a café. But the idea is implied that a girl in the center is doing something inappropriate. The lights turn on and it is revealed that she is merely wiping down a table.

Then the fully stupid part of the infographic starts, showing examples of areas that do not apply to the rules of time, e.g. underwater, the moon or the sun.

Assets for this sequence:

  • Male Icon Figure (Filler x5)
  • Female Icon Figure (Filler x5)
  • Female Icon Figure (Main)
  • Male Icon Figure (Café Worker)
  • Café Backdrop
  • Café Backdrop (No lights)
  • Male (Scuba)
  • Female (Astronaut)
  • Sizzling (Emotion)
  • Underwater Backdrop
  • Moon Backdrop
  • Flag
  • Sun Backdrop

Message for this section

This is meant to explain the idea of privacy and where you should and shouldn’t masturbate. By giving the two extremes of examples, e.g. a café and the moon, this should be able to should the idea that there is a limit to what can be done.

Point 5: Full Circle Summary

This last section would basically summarize everything that has been shown in the animation. The main message being has fun, be responsible and don’t explode.

Assets for this sequence:

  • Happiness (Emotion)
  • Female Icon Figure (Main)
  • Male Icon Figure (Main)
  • Male Icon Figure (Exploding)
Message for this section:

This is more or less a sum up of what is included in this topic, afterwards, don’t walk away think you learn nothing or didn’t giggle. This should be informative so whilst you want to keep this professional, keep it humorous as well.

Full Asset’s for Creation


  • Male Icon Figure
  • Female Icon Figure
  • Female Icon Figure (Mother)
  • Male Icon Figure (Exploding)
  • Male Icon Figure (Café Worker)
  • Male Icon Figure (Filler 1)
  • Male Icon Figure (Filler 2)
  • Male Icon Figure (Filler 3)
  • Male Icon Figure (Filler 4)
  • Male Icon Figure (Filler 5)
  • Female Icon Figure (Filler 1)
  • Female Icon Figure (Filler 2)
  • Female Icon Figure (Filler 3)
  • Female Icon Figure (Filler 4)
  • Female Icon Figure (Filler 5)
  • Male Icon Figure (Scuba)
  • Female Icon Figure (Astronaut)

  • Informative Arrows
  • Hot Dog
  • Mayonnaise Bottle
  • Cucumber
  • Tree
  • Dildo (Size, Stumpy)
  • Dildo (Size, Long)
  • Dildo (Size, Wide)
  • Flag
  • Fonts Animation

  • Filler Backdrop (1)
  • Filler Backdrop (2)
  • Filler Backdrop (3)
  • Filler Backdrop (4)
  • Kitchen
  • Bedroom (Day)
  • Bedroom (Night)
  • Café (Lights On)
  • Café (Lights Off)
  • Underwater
  • Moon
  • Sun


  • Suprise
  • Confusion
  • Anger
  • Silence
  • Sizzling
  • Sickness
Personal Notes

The asset creation list may seem large but it shouldn't be too difficult to create all of the assets due to the simple style of the animation. Not all of the assets will be animated so animation should also be reasonably easy to create. The only two potential problems would be the sound for the animation and the typography as I've never done typography before. Also Syncing the words to the audio could be problematic.