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Adaptation Part A: Initial Ideas 12/01/2017

The options I have chosen for this are very specific, some have been put there for initial idea brainstorming whilst other have been put there with the intention of potential development. For example options, 2, 3, 5, 6 and 8 have been put there because of their sheer simplicity. These would be much more informative just because of the chosen subject but obviously designing around those aspects would give me much more to work with.

Whereas some of the more grotesque options like 1, 4, 7, 9 and 10 have been put there with the idea of the comedic value of the content. Using certain humor to elaborate upon these points may not be as informative as the other points the idea of the subject would help with remembering the concept, just because of 'Shock Value'.


  1. Hi Tom M

    Pitch Feedback

    Ok, firstly I want to give you a valuable piece of advice – ‘Shock’ is a one note joke. You get one go and then the joke is over, the only way to proceed is to get increasingly shocking and that always ends in a bad and unfunny place. So what I’m saying is just being shocking is not enough, the best comedians are the ones who underpin their ‘shocking views’ with intellect. For example, ‘George Carlin’s seven dirty words’ speech challenges censorship on TV. My point is – Rude should be used to make a point or at the very least have a grander underlying intellectual vision than just being rude or shocking for shocking sake.
    With that in mind now take a look at your list again. So is the goal of the infographic ‘The best time of day to masturbate’ to promote the message ‘its ok to masturbate?’ or ‘The best time of day to commit mass murder’ to talk about gun laws in America. If you don’t add another dimension to your work you end up in adolescent Youtube land. To move forward go through your list and look for the ‘moral’ centre of each topic and see if you can find an ‘angle’ and ‘message’ like I have done.


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