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3rd Year: Minor Project, The Red Capped Manakin

The Red Capped Manakin is going to be the bird that not is the star of the show, but will steal the show as well.

Since this little guy is here to steal the show he needs to do something to really stand out, if anyone is cultured in the way of birds, it should seem very familiar. This tiny bird is known for being able to do the moonwalk, so I figured this little guy needs to really stand out in a sense that, he is simplistic but he has a little charm to him.

The main influences for our main character is going to be none other than Micheal Jackson himself, him being the one who came up with the moonwalk and the being such a potent icon, drawing inspiration from this legend is kind of a no brainer. Fire will be influence the fiery movement of our character and the cane dancer is meant to emphasis how interacting around an object can lead to such diverse ideas.

I loved designing this one and I personally think I got some really good designs out of this bird.
My favorites being 3, 4, 5, 8 …

3rd Year: Minor Project, Bird of Paradise Development

The Bird of Paradise is going to be based on the idea of a dancer in the animation.

The Bird of Paradise is a bird of beauty, having to put on a literal show in order to attract a mate, this bird has some of the most unique qualities of all of our birds. Things like the brush tail and ribbons are two very distinct part of the bird, so having those to play with right off the bat are super useful, but I would be lying if I said this bird was easy to design. Out of all of the birds I would say for sure that this one was definitely the toughest.

Now for the influences on this bird I have gone with things that stand out and have somewhat of a beauty quality element to them. I really want to incorporate the ribbon-dancer into the animation work of this character when he is done, but I also want the design to stand out, so having the bright, yet soft colors seen in neon lights to give this bird some interesting perks. Lastly the fireworks are a good representation of how this bird will be, …

3rd Year: Arnold Materials, ai'StandardSurface

I've done a post on this before, but I wanted to get all of the preset materials rendered and displayed so that I know how each one looks and work. So I went through all the materials and rendered them out. Overall the standard surface shader is pretty powerful, and with lighting effects such as a HDR dome, you can get some really realistic looking stuff here.

3rd Year: Environment & Lighting Settings

So I'm not going to cover everything in these images, but I will be focusing on some of the presets that you can add to your scene, and then tinker with the settings to get the image you want.

You will find that the render view is very handy for testing out all of these settings, being able to preview all of these settings is an amazing tool, you can tweak to your hearts content until the lighting is perfect. So a key thing is to always use your render view!