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Maya Tutorials: Zombie Rig 02/11/2016

Basic Facial controls

So the Zombie Rig is finished and it looks pretty good. there were a couple things I did go back and change however just so I could get some practice with these new skills. The main editions I made were the pupil visibility and the pupil scale.

Turing off the pupils is quite handy and having scalable pupils gives this character a really nice characteristic. By having massive pupils he looks goofy and smaller pupils makes him look vicious.

Hair Controls
 The hair was something worth mentioning as the method to rigging them, having so many rotations in one control is quite useful and I will definitely use this in future projects.

Zombie Rig Pose
Overall doing the Zombie Rig was surprisingly a nice challenge, I have used the Add/Edit Attributes, Connection Editor and Hypershade before but doing this exercise seems to have given me a much better understanding of how all this tech works. It still does seem confusing but it's not as bad as when I first started to use this tool.

At some point I will get around to doing an animation with this guy but for now here is my progress, just need to do the other three side and hook them up and that's it.