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Project 3 'Fantastic Voyage!': Post Pitch Feedback 15/03/2016

Okay, so the pitch for Project 3 Fantastic Voyage happened yesterday, there are few things to discuss post-pitch related.

So Right off I am going to get into what went well, from my previous projects my drawing capability has been somewhat limited or not up to par. This has been apparent in a lot of my work, however for this project I really did hit the concept art stage of my project with everything I had and really did show during the presentation, even backgrounds for my presentation made my general art direction look even better. Bringing in all of my knowledge for this project really did pay off and the reception I got for some of my design choices which I explain were agreed were very good.

However there is one massive problem which needs to be fixed and that ids my logic and information for this project. As clearly stated by Phil I was 'confused' and now looking back I now see how simply this could have been avoided. I had done my research artistically but lacked revision in my chosen topic, which was the massive mistake, me mixing up 'Bacteria' with 'Viruses'. The designs I have are solid, no question about that, however due to my lack of research there are things that will need to be tweaked because of this issue.

Feedback for this project was super useful and the fact that I got people to like my idea is a huge achievement for me, this was one of the first things whilst at my university I was proud to present, and while the animatic didn't have sound I could still get my message across.

So now that its over, in the words of Phil...