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Maya Tutorial: Rigging 09/03/2016

The Full Rig
 So here is the full rig in all its glory, before these tutorials I have only rigged one model ever and it ended up looking like a limb has snapped on itself 20 times. This time however rigging seems to be a little less complicated than originally anticipated, it is very time consuming when trying to get all of you rig to work as one unit and fixing any bugs with the rig. It is still a very valuable skill to have and there will be more practice with this I can assure you.

My Own Controls
 At one point when making the rig for some reason I put in my own control onto the rig to see if I had learnt anything and it works! The head now has six new controls, Head Bob, Head Lean, Head Sway, Head Rotate X, Head Rotate Y and Head Rotate Z, all of which have been limited to what would be appropriate.

Posed Rig
Here is our little guy completed saying "Cheerio!" from this tutorial, will be quite honest for a first time rig more or less, quite proud of this!