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Story Plot 3.0 29/01/2016

1. The story starts off with a Stuntman Poster showing how great this guy was, then the camera pans to a drunk stuntman at a bar. The TV then tells the story of a stuntman who has lost his job due to drinking habits, which is when we will see our stuntman. The stuntman is looking at pictures of the film set he used to work on (Which he loved ever so dear) and then takes a shot of some sort of drink. When he then looks up he then starts to hallucinate that the bar is his film set.

Notes: Some things to note about this first scene is that camera descriptions are not yet put in, however the camera is going to pan by the stuntman’s glass to show his presence. Also in this sequence there is a bartender and he leaves the bar to leave the stuntman alone.

 2. He dances, prances and jumps around the bar, however after a while his vision beings to turn back to reality. In a sad attempt to stay in this happy dream he tries to find more booze but cannot find anything, apart from one ‘Very’ strong drink that he would question to down, but he does it anyway. Doing his make his vision very ‘Real’, whilst in this trance he thinks it’s a good idea to body tackle a Piano thinking it is the main ‘Bad Guy’ in a western film. As he then tackles the Piano he launches it out the front door and begins to roll down the hill. As he rolls down the hill he imagines that he is in a race with someone else, in reality though he is rolling down a hill into oncoming traffic.

Notes: I really want to get the point across about how the stuntman hallucinates, turning all of the objects in the room into a film set, almost like a kid in a playground. On saying ‘End’ out of the window. He also begins to hallucinate that there is a big fight going on in the bar, like a western film. When the stuntman tackles the piano, it will be done in a way which can show squash and stretch for the character, but will show him landing on the top of the Piano making it roll out of the front door.

3. As he really comes to an end of this little performance an employer runs over to him saying how impressed he is with him and wants to offer him a job. The stuntman has no clue what the man is talking about, until the Piano rolls up behind him. The stuntman now sobered up and realizing what he has done is overjoyed, the employer offers him a job and the stuntman leaps in the air in happiness. The film ends.

Notes: As the film ends the Piano will slide behind the stuntman almost as if it is poking him.