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OGR 'What If Metropolis?' Gustodian 03/11/2015


  1. OGR 04/11/2015

    Hi Tom,

    Hmmmm - I'm a bit confused, and maybe so are you! I'm confused as to how you could get an artist like Moscoso and imagine a 'semi-futuristic' city, and likewise how you might associate the *1980s* with hippies and drug-culture... You've got one of the icons of psychedelia - with all those vibrating colours - and yet you say this city needs to be clean and tidy... and you include a peacock structure, because Moscoso once drew a peacock... I've got to say that I think you need to do a bit more research into psychedelia and late 1960s/70s design (product/furniture/clothes etc) to do this guy justice. Your thumbnails (terrible quality btw) are suggestive of a wackier approach to the one you describe in your own influence maps, but the fact that colour and the motifs of psychedelia don't really feature I do find a bit baffling. I think you might have missed the point of working with this guy!

    Moscoso was part of a broader movement that associated very strongly with a particular era - I think you need to go back to the 'summer of love' - and imagine your city as like a 'flower power' fantasia, with Moscoso as its architect! Clean, tidy and semi-futuristic your city would not be! Tom - this is retro city surely?!

    Some stuff to look at/research in terms of getting to grips with what kind of city Moscoso would imagine for you:
    'Tune in, Drop out'
    'Ban the Bomb'
    'San Francisco and the Summer of Love'
    Anti-Vietnam protests...

    and so on...


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