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Invisible Cities Digital Thumbnails 1-18 (51-106)

A = Anastaisa      B = Argia
C = Armilla      D = Baucis
E = Despina      F = Diomira
G = Ersilia      H = Esmeralda
I = Fedora      J = Isaura
K = Leonia      L = Moriana
M = Octavia      N = Phyllis
O =Sophronia      P = Tamara
Q = Thekla      R = Zenobia
S =Zirma

1-9 (51-59)

10-18 (60-68)
19-25 (69-75)

26-29 (76-80)

30-35 (81-86)
36-41 (87-92)
42-51 (93-102)
52-55 (103-106)


  1. Looks good so far, I like your shading :)

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  3. Hi Tom,

    A good start on these and your other sketches, may I ask which city you are developing? It would be useful to write a paragraph or two on each post to dissect your thought process so that we can guide you a little more with your project if need be. When creating establishing shots, I have always found it easier to work with a one-point perspective to start with to open up a scene and give it depth so that you can set your space up nicely. You might want to download a set of perspective brushes to help you with getting your perspective down, such as these;

    From your thumbnails here, 8 12 and 17 feel like they could be heading somewhere and 5, 24 and 50 on your other post feel as if they are also a good starting point for development. A good tip to help build a scene would be to layer your piece with a background, a mid-ground and a foreground. This can be achieved simply by using a few grey tones to add depth.

    Another useful tip is not to ‘cut off’ your scene by placing your ‘camera’ in a way which suggests something is close up and confined. Thumbnail 14 does this. Try to avoid this and open up your scene so that areas feel much spacious and established. I hope this is useful and I look forward to seeing more :)


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