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Concept artists to use in research and creative development.

This research is for myself and other students in the first year doing the "Invisible Cities" project. Here are some artists that are really good for using reference in your written research and generating your thumbnail ideas.

Concept Architecture Artists:
  • Giovanni Piranesi VII
  • Mary Blair
  • Etienne Louis Boullee
  • Lebbus Woods
  • Hermann Finsterlin
  • Zaha Hadid

  • Erich Kellehut
  • Graham Rawle
  • Ralph McQuarrie

I would also recommend using film and game concept art to influence your thumbnails. Here are a few good examples:
  • Halo (Game)

  • Star Wars (Movie)

  • Mirrors Edge (Game)

  • Destiny (Game)

  • Brave (Movie)

  • Frozen (Movie)

  • Skyrim (Game)

There are loads more concept artists but these are the ones I will most likely focus on in my written work. 

Hope this will help a few people out!


  1. Hi Thomas! Good to see you collating these artists for research :)
    Just one point... I'm sure that Ant Faulkner would be delighted to be included among these greats of concept art and architecture, but at the moment he is still a student (just starting 3rd year), so although I would definitely suggest looking at his work, I would go for one of the more established names for your actual concept artist 'who's-who' :D

  2. Okay, thanks a million for the advice!


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