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'Only God Forgives 2013' Only God Forgets 16/12/2015

Figure 1: 'Only God Forgives' Poster
This film review will focus on the film 'Only God Forgives', a story about a man named Julian (Ryan Gosling) who runs a gym but also is a drug dealer. Lt Chang (Vithaya Pansringarm) is this counterpart to Julian, believing himself to be a god and a protector of his own. The film came out in 2013, was directed by Nicolas Winding Refn and was produced by Lene Borglum. The movie as a whole is visually stunning! The story itself is also very good. But what lets this movie down the most is the way it is paced, it very static and odd, not much can be said for the actors either, if Julian had walked at normal speed for the film, the film would have lasted 30 minutes."The acting is equally choppy (pardon the pun). Ryan Gosling is required to show emotion in exactly two scenes, surprise in one and anger in the other, but his performance is otherwise so monotonous that his outbursts work as clunky, unwelcome, and hilarious intrusions in the dream-like atmosphere of the film."(A Arikan. 2013)

Figure 2: Julian's Fists
The score for 'Only God Forgives' was composed by Cliff Martinez and music that was made for the film is 'Ear-Gasmic'. It compliments the film so well, giving it so much more kick and depth to every scene. The fight with Lt Chang especially stands out because of not on;y the intensity of this fight but then that techno vibe jumps in and you remember that even though they are using the traditional of physical close quarters combat to resolve a conflict they still are living in an age where technology has been advanced, and with it our techniques and methods. Some calmer encounters with characters in the film the music has this very soft tone that can really speak to you, as if to calm the angriest people, which we can see Julian is a very stressed man, then having him in a scenario where he can feel calm, 'then' the music is played is almost as if he is able to forget the horrors of what he actually does and the prices he needs to pay for his actions."If you’re prepared to settle into the film’s unorthodox rhythms, you’ll be rewarded by Cliff Martinez’s superb score, which perfectly complements the film’s wild mélange of elements, acknowledging its Thai setting with eerie Eastern sounds that, by the end, feel like the spirits of Bangkok are getting ready to rise up and cleanse the world of Crystal and her immoral brood."(D Wise. 2013) The sound design as a whole for the film was very good, almost like the film is one big orchestra of various sounds and instruments, the speed of Julian's fists moving and Lt Chang's precise, powerful punches really show how these two are different.

Figure 3: Crystal
The actual story itself for the film is very good, but where it fails hardest is the way its presented. Its all well and true being able to say the reason everyone moves slow is to invoke a feeling of power and control, but the way its done in this film is to such an extreme that the film somehow kills itself. The plot itself is very deep and rich, but it is presented in a way which it is very hard to spot some key emotional moments from characters because you sit there only paying attention to when some moves normally and not like a snail. The brother who had died at the start of the film was almost unheard of in the film even though he is mentioned quite a bit, he clearly plays an emotional role in the film but is very hard to spot due to the way the film is made. There was clearly something between Julian and his brother as Crystal (Kristin Scott) compares the two and describes the brother almost as if he was some sort of 'Alpha' figure. Despite the movies layout the acting in the film is very good, having these situations which people are more or less throw into with now exit and then having to try and find a way out is a very interesting concept, especially when you have characters as strong as Crystal and Lt Chang. They are the leaders of both of the families and their intentions are perfectly clear right from the very start, to love and protect their families no matter the cost. Lets start with Lt Chang, right from when we first meet him he is extremely powerful in his own way. Having this knowledge of combat and the way he handles situations shows his strength as an individual, having this almost 'machine like' personality to him, like in the chase scene. As he chases his attacker he not only knows the area well enough to predict where he will end up, but then finds a pan of boiling oil and not only throws it into his face to damage him, but to blind him as well, then he proceeds to question the man until he gets what he needs. Crystal on the other hand is much more complex, what she does not have in combat knowledge she makes up in cryptic mind games and control over others, just look at the relationship between Julian and her. Julian is almost like a dog begging to its master, he will do whatever he is told and then proceed to suck up to her when the deed is done. He is also mocked by his mother about his 'Erotic Physical Traits' in front of his friend Mai (Rhatha Phongham) he takes it like its absolutely nothing, almost as if he's used to it. The fact she is also a parental figure reinforces how much control she can have over someone, a parental figure is someone you can look to for guidance and love, so the fact Julian is also her son can explain why he acts the way he does around her.

Figure 4: Hallway
The best bit about this film by far though is the set design, almost every single shot in the film looks like it could either be a wallpaper for a background or a poster. The colour that have also been picked for certain shots are also very distinct, for example one of the most used colour in the film is red. Red can symbolise many things, such as love, joy, passion, anger, rage and pain (Tone of Blood). It appears throughout a large majority of the film and when you find out the films setting you can understand quite clearly why. Drug dealing, prostitution and fighting have all usually been know as dangerous jobs, but for some of these job can bring great pleasure, Drug Dealing can make lots of money, prostitution can sexual pleasure someone and fighting can give you an adrenaline rush like no other. However they can all have bitter outcomes that can end in violence, so the colour red is perfect for these scenarios. The blues in the film can also mean many things, especially neon blue. "Bangkok at night is made to look infernally coloured, soaked in red and neon."(Standard. 2013)Blue is usually associated with feeling of sadness, depression, calmness and sometimes even fear, how this 'Neon' blue gives the impression of claustrophobia, excitement and anxiety. Once again if we look where these colours have been used there is a very common pattern, Julian's bathroom, the strip club, the city and the apartments all have some sort of blue colouring to them. Then there are the darks and blacks, black is usually a colour associated with fear and unknown, depending on how harshly it is used. A large majority of the film is set at either night time or later hours, so these other colours are what are there to more or less 'Light the way'. The best example there is in the film of the colours are the apartments, they are fill with red, blue and black, never really mixing with one another. The effect that it gives off it that from the outside every room could be the same, however behind each door can either hide a dark secret or hidden truth, red symbolising the potential danger, blue symbolising the the calm exterior and the black door representing the fear of the unknown that you could potentially be about to open.

Figure 5: Statue
The colour gold can represent wealth greed, however is can also represent power. There is a particular scene where Crystal is talking to a henchman, but appears to be illuminated by this very soft gold glow. The reason initial reason would be to show she has wealth, but that is not the case, we see what kind of grip she has over Julian so who is to say she does not have this kind of grip over someone else? showing she has 'Power'. Now here is where thing can get interesting, because there is one scene right at the start of the film that can perfectly summarise the film in seconds, the statue of the fighter. The statue is is made out of what appears to be gold, but at the same time it is very hard to tell due to the colours around it and the colour bouncing off of it. Then take the background, it is a bunch of black strips that conceals the surroundings of the statue with the occasional line of red here and there. Once placed all together the message this scene gives off is this, the statue represents the the film as a whole, a situation that needs to be resolved, however we cannot perfectly make out all of the details on the statue, these being what is hidden from us so the films events doesn't have to show the illegal work that goes on (Drug Dealings), but the red shows the what has partially influenced the film, through violence and passion something has been forged for everyone to see and bask in awe or fear about. Now this could be one of the more impressive part of the film so hands down the cinematography is near flawless, however with such distinct contrast this film can at time be a little confusing.


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Figure 1: 'Only God Forgives' Poster

Figure 2: Julian's Fists

Figure 3: Crystal

Figure 4: Hallway

Figure 5: Statue

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'What If Metropolis?': UV's and Textures

Building 1 UV's

Building 1 Texture

Building 1
Building 2 UV's
Building 2 Texture
Building 2
Building 3 UV's
Building 3 Texture
Building 3
Building 4 UV's
Building 4 Texture
Building 4
Building 5 UV's
Building 5 Texture
Building 5
Building 6 UV's
Building 6 Texture
Building 6
Building 7 UV's
Building 7 Texture
Building 7
Floor UV's
Floor Texture
These are all of my Model's, UV's and textures for my buildings and the floor I used in my  'What If Metropolis?' 3D environment.
Untextured Models

Final Render

Matte Painting/Backdrop
Final Product

Gustodian Presentation: 'What If Metropolis?' 11/12/2015

"Hi, I'm Thomas Mayfield and this is my project 'What If Metropolis' presentation. I have had seven weeks to complete this project and the final result came out very nice and you will see that later."
"So my artist was a guy called Victor Moscoso, he is an artist who does a lot of psychedelic art for comics and music posters. You can see just by looking at these images that they can be a bit of a strain on the eyes, but you can see the Victor gives his work this really nice simplistic flow to his images. They just look correct, but then if you can look closer into his work all of the shapes have been made in a way so that they have second meaning to them, for example the easiest one to spot is the 'Peacock Ball' on the tail feathers of the peacock. The colors he also picks is also very distinct, the blue and orange on the Egyptian themed posted has a very violent clash with each other, but that is merely reinforced by the purple in-between, giving the eyes a very large amount of strain."

"So let's get into the process of how I came to create my final product, so I did try to take a lot of inspiration from Victors work, having this very ridged, yet natural flow to his work at the same time. I looked into some other forms of psychedelic art and tried to grab inspiration from that, I quickly noticed that most texts have a very similar layout, almost having this bubbly quality to them, they seem to just meet correctly. Then here was the hardest part, because psychedelic art has this very harsh style to it, it is extremely difficult to extract physical buildings from these shapes, I experimented in Maya, Photoshop, Paper, After Effect to try and get this natural flow to my images. Eventually I did come up with one concept that stood out and that was this image here (Points to the bottom right concept building.) This building had this very mysterious flow to it, it may have looked a little Sci-Fi which is what I was not going for, but I could alter its design to make it less Sci-Fi. Then there was the layout, I wanted to give a feeling of slight confusion yet flow to my image so I came up with the idea of having these massive amounts of layers which could give depth and life to the buildings even though they look very odd, some sort of alleyway which I would be able to mass with perspective a little would have work just fine, so that's what I did."

Final Concept Art
"So this was my final scene concept, you can see that I did go for the alleyway approach but it was a lot more spacious than I had originally anticipated, as you can see from the little man (Points to the little man), I wanted to have this are a little smaller but also give the sky more life so this scene doesn't just look like a single alleyway in the middle of nowhere."

"So when it came to actually creating my scene it was a lot more difficult that I had originally planned, due to the amount of time it took me to get a solid idea down I really tried to get as much of my concept in Maya as possible. So as you can see here (Points to example 1) I got stuck in with messing around with textures and perspective. The bridge was a nice result of me trying to warp perspective quite naturally and harshly, then I tried to make the buildings have this very nice, soft flow to them, yet retain that they are still a structure and not a piece of jelly. The last image is my favorite, just because of the feel it gives off. This very harsh, rocky texture which would have been nice pavement texture and given this nice, harsh feeling to it. Then came the final render, the render process was a lot harder than expected, the file crashed multiple time and the textures vanish completely a number of times, but after three hours of rendering and an hour of clean up, my final render came out super clean, the texture would not show as strongly as I would have liked but this look really good anyway."
Scene Ambient Occlusion
 (Show this image for a couple seconds)
Final Render
"So this is my final image, it came out real nice in the end and works surprisingly well with my original concept art. The lights give a very warped illusion to the street and the second layer of building gives much more depth to the scene, I would have liked my textures to have had a little more pop to them but other than that this came out real nice and I am super happy with it."

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Final Shot: Gustodian 'What if Metropolis' 10/12/2015

Gustodian Final Render
This one shot took 3.5 hours to render and 1 hours to clean up, I can happily say this look amazing! The textures didn't show up as well as I would have hoped but this will do. I though this would look way too Sci-Fi in the end but I was mistaken. The window have a lovely effect to them and really add to this city. The was one minor issue with my scene though, the entire thing is textured, but from how I have set up my texture settings and lighting it has blocked out the textures quite significantly, you can see some of the textures better than others but that would be one of the only major flaws with my environment.

Art Of: Gustodian 10/12/2015

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'Suspiria 1977' She's a Witch! She's a Witch? 07/12/2015

Fig 1: Supiria Poster
This film review will focus on how the world is shown to us as a colourful environment with meaning and not just another pretty set. The film was directed by Dario Argento and the music was composed by 'Goblin' (Music Band). Suspiria is know for its very ineresting art direction and design, although the acting and whole plot was not overly interesting it is the set design that really gives this movie its teeth and lets it stand on its own. "Suspiria" may not always make perfect sense plot wise, but it's a thrilling roller-coaster ride through what may very well be Hell. "Suspiria" ranks as one of the best Italian-made horror films of all time." (phillindholm)

Fig 2: Taxi Scene
When the film first starts we can see a number of random events happen, people dying, chaos and general fear being spread. Suzy Bannion (Jessica Harper) is a young girl from New York who has travelled far to fulfil her dream, the journey in the taxi scene is very distinct from the rest of the film because it is only one of three scenes in the entire film that takes place outside of the mansion. However even though she is not at the mansion yet the taxi cab scene appears to be very dangerous, its almost like a bad drugs trip, flashing lights everywhere, a very low understanding of what is going on around you and every second being very intense, not knowing what might happen next. Its almost as if something is trying to keep her away from the mansion, an other worldly force, however the only other worldly force is the power are the witches in the film, but the witches have not even met Suzy in the film? They may of known when her arrival would have been and attempted to delay her because they were already killing someone, or this scene could be foreshadowing what is going to happen in the film, there is no clear explanation.

Fig 3: Mansion Floor
The set design in the film is where is really pulls its best together, having the lighting in certain colours, the patterns on the walls and floor, the layout of the mansion, even the windows and doors are made in a way that reflects the mood of the scene taking place in the film. A good example is this scene (Fig 3) this is the scene where a girl is being murdered, the colours Red, Black and White are the most prominent in this scene the Red symbolises pain, white symbolises uncertainty and black symbolises death. Also notice how the room is symmetrical, these witches have a system in order to kill their prey, the way the room is designed shows that almost like a cage. The floor pattern is also somewhat similar to that of a sacrificial alter, when all of these fact are put together you have a room that symbolises a cage of death which cannot be escaped. "But Argento’s work was defiantly of its time. The music throbbed progressively. The colours were those of post-glam platform-shoe nausea." (C Donald. 2013) The witches in the film have the power to alter future events into their favour, they also gain power via sacrifice. In order to keep this power going constantly they need some sort of system, much like what you would see with a business, they have a plan and they repeat it until they reach their goal/profit, in this case the witches profit is infinite power.

Fig 4: Blind Man Death Scene
Another example is the scene where the blind man is murdered, now because the area is so open that you would expect the thing that makes the dog bark would be very easy to spot, we expect this monster t come running out from the shadows at any given time, but instead we are given this unexpected role reversal where the dog kills the man, leaving everyone with a question of "What the hell just happened?" It is an interesting twist, one which would not be expected from first time viewers, but its the way the environment is set up which is done masterfully. Having a wide open space means that we would be able to see the attacker coming from any direction, he may be blind but his audience isn't. What is also strikingly well done is the way this scene is filmed, it is a birds eye view, meaning we have a view of everything around the blind man, not only that but the camera takes up close to a majority of the structures, showing us that there is nothing hiding in the shadows. But the most noticeable addition to this scene is the amount of time we have to wait, its like a hunter stalking its prey, creating build-up towards this encounter and when we are ready for this final confrontation the dog kills its owner. By the end of the film this scene makes perfect sense, but the way that one shot is filmed shows the extent of the witches powers and what they can really do without us even realising.

Fig 5: Mansion
The music that was done for the film really complimented the film too, what the movie lacks in story and depth, it makes up for that with its atmosphere. What is really interesting about the film is the effort gone to to make the environments immerse you as much as possible, the  music is an example of this. Even though it is the same few tunes that are played over, and over, and over again it still is able to capture that essence of mystery and fear at the same time. The screeches, the piano and the furious mash of sounds which makes your brain go nuts, it adds to the scenes so well it is ridiculous. The music also once again represents the witches powers, the sound giving off this magical feeling, yet at the same time this unimaginable fer factor that will paralyse a human' if they were exposed to it, but something 'supernatural' would be just fine."The off-kilter beats add to the feeling that you’re watching a film that is capable of unleashing something very bad and bloody at any moment." (W Matt. 2013)


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Maya: Texture Test 30/11/2015

I have tried to create a repeating concrete texture, it works super well and I can't wait to try this on a model! It can also loop which makes this texture even more handy, up close this texture will look really good but from a distance you will probably be able to spot a few areas that needs work.

Maya: City Experimentation 04/12/2015

Bump Map Texture Test
Trying to get a texture that could have 'Pop' and still be recognised perfectly as an object is key in my city. I made a texture as well as the bump map so they were identical, the by altering setting I got some really good results. The texture really messes with your eyes but you can still tell its a cube, this process should be used in my final city.
Bridge Perspective Warp Test
When I was doing some of the props I realised that the skybox/sphere I had made reflected my bridge, after some considerable tweaking I got this cool wavy effect to the model, I'm not sure how I will go about doing this but if possible I know some materials I will use can also reflect a little bit like the sky, so maybe I could form some other shape via reflections.

Ball Texture Test
 The texture test went really well! This little sphere ended up looking rocky in the end which is something I will use 100% for some of the pieces in my scene, I would like the text to have a little less 'Noise' and be a bit softer but other than that can't wait to use this!
Materials Test
When I messed around with materials this particular material looked really good on built up building, I then tried making a building that could fit to itself like a jigsaw, get it a clean up with bevels and insert edge loops and then  final thing came out super clean, it looks really cool and with another texture on top of that this should look really good.

Lights Test

The lights I tried on my skyscraper looked reasonable, from a visual standpoint they look really nice! however they make the skyscraper look very Sci-Fi. This is not the goal I am looking for so I will invest some time into looking into how this problem can be fixed. 
Floor Texture Properties Test
I tried messing around with ambient colour and diffuse setting and the result came out okay, the texture is okay but was originally orange so something might be wrong here... It might have just been the way I saved it but I highly doubt it.
Color Material Test
This will be there general theme I will be going for in my environment, it also sticks to Moscoso by have two colour that are completely opposite that clash harshly I will make this a little more soft and easier to read visually.